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Welcome to Bridlington's Real Destination we offer 4 ever changing craft real ales, 11 ciders, draught lager, wines and a range of gins. 

We have a total of 30 seats including 6 seats outside as well as our conformable chairs and sofas upstairs, to serve customers in our relaxed atmosphere. Child and dog friendly.


On the bar

Real Ales

 We offer a range of constantly changing real ales from local breweries and further afield. We usually have for sale 4 real ales at any one time and we aim to never have the same real ale twice (with one exception of our one regualr beer Acorn-'Barnsley Bitter'  We hand pick new real ales every week with a nod to local breweries wherever possible, particularly from Yorkshire. Last year we served 200 different beers.

 Following along our ethos of thinking long and hard into what we like to see in a pub, our beer policy is always to have a dark beer, always have at least one beer from Yorkshire and always have at least one stronger beer, usually over 5% ABV.

 For an up to date list of beers available we suggest you download the excellent realalefinder we always shows our current selection as well as full descriptions.



 In total we aim to sell around 12 ciders and perrys (cider made from pears) at any time.

These range from sweet to very dry as well as ciders with other flavorings usually from other fruits, E.G. rhubarb. In a similar way to our beer policy, where we can source suitable quality products we aim to have some products from the Yorkshire region, this is potentially more difficult than beer as Yorkshire is some way from the traditional

cider producing areas such as Herefordshire and Somerset.


 We have draught lager available from Freedom Brewery


 We offer a range of gins which should satisfy most. We have a few classic branded gins as well as a range of great flavoured gins. We do have 'proper' gin glasses as well as plenty of 




 Our current range of wines;

  • Californian White Zinfandel (Rose)

  • Pinot Grigio

  • Merlot & Shiraz

 We also offer mini bottles of Prosecco

About us

Welcome to the Three B's Micropub

 We are a husband and wife team (Mark and Cheryl) that run the Micropub that opened in April 2020. We also run Three B's Rooms our sister business in the centre of Bridlington.

 If you are after accommodation why not consider staying with us?

 A little more about us

 We have both worked at beer festivals for many years, and as members of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) we are both involved in the Great British Beer Festival. We are passionate about what should make a great pub, and we hope our many years

of visiting pubs, particularly micropubs has helped us to create as much as possible a really great pub experience. An article with details of how we started the Micropub is available here an article from the Morning Advertiser is available  here


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Our awards

We are proud to be listed in CAMRA's

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