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 We find nothing more annoying than the smell of a deep fat fryer spoiling the great aromas you get from a great beer, so for this reason we do NOT cook any food on the premises, however we do offer a small range of food most of which can be heated on the premises if desired. In an age when so many pub chains offering a full menu microwave frozen food, then maybe finish them off on a grill for a minute or two, our heated food is taken from the fridge and heated in an oven and NOT in a microwave! 

 We generally have available all day, every day (subject to availability);

  • Homemade sausage rolls

  • 'Pie and Peas' which consists of either 2 of the sausage rolls or local butchers pie served with Peas (or beans)

Soft and low alcohol drinks

Our range includes;​

  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, R-Whites Lemonade, Fizzy Orange

  • Apple & Orange juice

  • Low alcohol Ghost Ship Beer (0.5%)

  • Low alcohol Nordic Berries cider (0.5%)

  • Tea & coffee is also available 


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